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Estate planning is for everyone, not just those with substantial estates. A solid estate plan is important to your family’s future. The Law Firm of Carolyn McDaniel & Rick Forlano provide compassionate and experienced estate planning services in Richmond and Fort Bend County, Texas. The foundation stone of any estate planning strategy is a will.

A will affords you considerable control over how your estate is to be handled after your death. Will & Probate attorneys Carolyn McDaniel and Rick Forlano have crafted simple and complex wills for all kinds of people. If you have small children, a blended family, own a business, hold considerable assets or have specific preferences regarding your end-of-life treatment, you should consider constructing a will.

Our family law practice can create a will for you that includes guardians, executors, conservators or other needs to guarantee that your wishes are carried out in the event of your demise. Whether you have little or great wealth, a will is your instrument to control the distribution of your assets as you see fit. Call the Law Firm of Carolyn McDaniel & Rick Forlano today to discuss probate & will matters with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Preparing and Updating Your Will in Fort Bend County

A will is a vital legal instrument that gives all manner of instructions that are to be carried out concerning your estate upon your death. The legal foundation gives credence and authority to your wishes. Within your will, you should include:

  • The name of the executor you have chosen (to carry out your wishes as spelled out within the will document)
  • The names of all beneficiaries who are to receive your assets, as well as how those assets are to be distributed (coming of age, percentages, division of asset provisions, etc.)
  • Establishing and naming a Guardian/Conservator for any dependent children or adults that will manage their ongoing care
  • Instructions for the establishment and management of any new trusts
  • Instructions for the management/distribution of any existing trusts

As your life circumstances change, these can affect your final wishes. Therefore, they should be reflected in your will. For example, as your family grows, you may wish to add beneficiaries. Or your assets may change, making it necessary to reflect those changes in your will. Other financial circumstances or even state and federal tax laws may change throughout your lifetime, and changes to your will are necessary to protect your assets, beneficiaries and final wishes.

A Respected Estate Planning Law Firm in Richmond, TX

The Estate Planning Law Firm of Carolyn McDaniel & Rick Forlano knows estate planning, and we can counsel you on will & probate matters that will ensure your legacy is carried on how you see fit. We can work with you to prepare or amend your will according to the most recent circumstances of your life. We want to help you guarantee that your final wishes are carried out accurately with compassion and dignity.

Preparing for your future, and the future of your family and loved ones, is an act of generosity and love, and our estate planning attorneys are please to help. Call us for professional and knowledgeable will & probate assistance, as well as legal representation before the probate courts when issues arise over a legal will.

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